Interior Design and Murals

I initially began working with interiors at the first cottage I rented, where I was fortunate enough to have permission to stencil, paint and decorate to my heart's content.   I dabbled with stencilling to begin with, with designs bought in from places like the Stencil Library, and then later with designs I had sketched and cut out myself.  Then I started working on tree murals as I have a passion for the natural world.  Complete room design from choosing colours to picking out and arranging furniture and accessories was the last in the list, and cemented my love for helping a house become a home.    I particularly love working with vintage and antique items as much as possible.


I'm strongly of the belief that your home needs to be a safe space and a coccoon, somewhere that brings out the best in you and allows you to rest from the cares of the world, so that you can emerge stronger and calmer for it.  I love to help people find the little extra something that helps them to bring the best out of whichever home they are living in.

I'm also more than happy to do commercial work, and have done murals in shops and schools around Lincolnshire, perhaps most notably Lindum Books in Lincoln.  Please do get in touch if you'd like to work with me - I'd be delighted to hear from you.