An author and plant enthusiast, Ali currently offers home visits, herb walks, talks and workshops around Lincolnshire - do contact us if you'd like to book a workshop or would like more information.   Consultations can be done either face to face or via video link.

Price List

Initial Consultation - £50

Follow Up Consultations - £25 per 30 minutes

Medicine costs  - £5 per 100mls

Herb Talks & Walks for Groups - £50 which includes travel costs.

Workshops - 2 hours - £40 for a private workshop, £20 per person for group sessions.

For full days or larger groups, please do get in touch for prices.

Ali also recently had the final book published in a trilogy, by Aeon Books.  Wild Medicine Spring, Wild Medicine Summer and Wild Medicine Autumn & Winter are all available through Aeon Books directly or can be ordered from Amazon.

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Ali English BSc (Hons) Herb Med

Herbal medicine can assist a wide variety of ailments, including but certainly not limited to the following:


Muscles and joints - rheumatism and arthritis, strains and sprains, slow healing.


Mental & Emotional - anxiety, depression, stress, mental fatigue, insomnia, poor energy.


Digestive Problems - diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, IBS, poor appetite, indigestion and acid reflux


Circulation / Cardiovascular - blood pressure issues, palpitations etc.


Respiratory & Allergies - asthma, hayfever, repeat chest infections, coughs and colds, poor immunity.


Mens & Womens Reproductive Issues - infertility of either gender, menopause, menstrual issues, PMS.


Bladder and urinary tract - repeat infections, inflammation, thrush, cystitis etc.